South American Veggie Delight!

Today’s edition of Ssaucy comes from our first guest blogger! He is an avid hockey player, programmer and recent convert to vegetarianism. In fact, he’s on the path to becoming vegan as he believes it is good for your health and contributes to a long-lasting positive impact on the planet! He enjoys preparing simple, quick and delicious meals that are high in nutritional content.

To prepare this meal, he boiled sweet potato and cassava until they were soft. He poured out the water, added a little bit of avocado oil and mashed them with a fork. The plantains were simply cut and sautéed in a pan.

A great multi-tasking tip for those short on time: To prep the beet greens, he steamed them above the boiling sweet potatoes and cassava in a strainer!

As you may have noticed, our blogger is averse to seasoning his meals with salt and believes in enjoying the natural flavours of these nutritional veggies (with the addition of some pepper)!

This South American-inspired dish is not just delicious and appealing to look at, but also high in nutritional value. Plantains have high potassium like bananas. Cassava has a lot of starch. Sweet potato is really high in beta-carotene and vitamin A and interestingly, is also used to battle vitamin A deficiency in Africa. Beet greens are, like most dark leafy vegetables, among the most micronutrient rich food you can eat: 100g has 15 % RDA of iron, 140 % of vitamin A and >500 % of vitamin K. In the words of our guest blogger: “Everything has lots of fiber and is vegan which is good for the planet and the all animals living on it including humans.” There you have it, enjoy!

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